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New Jersey police officer killed in motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2011 | Car Accidents

Earlier this week, a New Jersey police officer lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident. The officer, who was a member of the police force in Hamilton Township, approximately 70 miles south of Bergen County, was not on duty when the fatal motorcycle crash occurred.

According to police reports, the accident happened as the 26-year-old was riding his motorcycle alongside a friend and fellow motorcyclist. The pair were entering the westbound lanes of Interstate 195 from eastbound Route 527 when, suddenly, the motorcycles crashed together.

Upon impact, both men were thrown from their motorcycles. The police officer slid down the left shoulder of the Interstate, while his friend was thrown onto the grassy median. This likely made all the difference for the two men, both of whom were taken to CentraState Medical Center in Freehold.

The police officer was pronounced dead soon after he arrived at the hospital. His friend was treated for minor injuries and released. The New Jersey State Police will continue to investigate the fatal accident to determine the cause for the motorcyclists’ collision.

Prior to entering the Hamilton police force, the police officer served for several years as a member of the United States Marines. After he completed a seven-month tour of duty in Iraq in 2007, he immediately enrolled at Mercer Police Academy. “He always wanted to be a Marine, and he always wanted to be a cop. He did both,” the officer’s stepfather told local media. “He worked for everything he got.”

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