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Distracted driver cited for using two phones behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2011 | Car Accidents

Government officials in New Jersey and at the federal level have increased their focus on educating drivers about the dangers of using a cell phone behind the wheel. Despite these efforts, traffic safety statistics indicate that the number of car accidents, injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving have increased significantly in recent years.

In one extreme case of distracted driving, a motorist in the United Kingdom was recently cited for using two cell phones behind the wheel. The 34-year-old was stopped by police after an officer noticed that he did not appear to be holding the steering wheel. When he pulled the car over, the arresting officer saw that the man was holding two cell phones: one to his ear, and one in his hand.

According to the driver’s defense attorney, his client was not simultaneously talking and texting (and driving), but was looking up a telephone number on the phone on his hand so he could read that phone number to the friend on the other end of his phone call. Regardless of whether that was the reason for the driver’s behavior, he was certainly distracted while he was driving, and was therefore a danger to the other drivers on the road.

The driver was found guilty of using a mobile telephone while driving, having no car insurance, and not being in a position to have control. His driver’s license was revoked for one year, and he must also pay a substantial fine.

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