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Driver intentionally hits New Jersey pedestrian

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2011 | Car Accidents

Last weekend, a New Jersey woman was walking home from a friend’s house with her 14-year-old brother. When her brother dropped a ball into the street and in the path of an oncoming car, the woman ran out to retrieve it, apologizing to the driver and stating that it was an accident. Enraged, the driver got out of his car and began cursing and yelling at the woman, stating that he would “show you an accident”. He backed up and drove toward the woman, intentionally striking her with his car.

Upon impact, the woman slammed onto the car’s hood and slid onto the ground. The driver then reversed and drove around her and away. Although the woman suffered no serious injuries in the car accident, she is still in shock, questioning how and why any driver would intentionally hit her.

After the pedestrian accident, the woman was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center by ambulance, where she underwent X-rays. Although she did not suffer any broken bones or fractures, she has lasting pain in her upper thigh, arm and back.

The police have not found the driver, but are looking for a silver Ford Mustang with two black stripes on its hood. They have classified the accident as aggravated assault. The woman says that she is anxious to find the man that hit her. “I really thought I was going to die,” she said. “How can you hit someone with a car?”

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Source: The Jersey Journal, “Angry over ball hitting car, man drives into boy’s sister, Jersey City police say”, Michaelangelo Conte, 1 March 2011

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