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Baby monitors recalled after reports of strangulation

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2011 | Product Liability

After two reported strangulation deaths in the past year, infant product manufacturer Summer Infant has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 2 million video baby monitors. The potential strangulation problem was first reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in October after receiving at least seven reports of strangulation since 2004. The company says that the defective products were sold at major retailers between 2003 and 2011.

According to the commission, the reported strangulations occurred when one of the 40 models of handheld, color and digital baby monitors manufactured by Summer Infant were placed on or near a crib or changing table. The infants reportedly became caught in the products’ power cords, causing the deaths of at least two infants and injury to several more.

Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says that any product with a cord can be a hazard for a young child. “I urge all parents and caregivers to put at least three feet between any video or audio baby monitor cords and a child in a crib,” she said. “This simple step can save your child’s life.” Summer Infant says that it plans to reissue the defective products with on-product warning labels and instructions about safe placement of monitors in order to avoid further defective product injury and death.

In addition, Summer Infant is also reportedly recalling the rechargeable batteries of about 60,000 Slim and Secure video monitors sold exclusively at infant retailer Babies R Us in 2009 and 2010. According to the commission, the batteries have shown a tendency to overheat and burst, with the potential for both personal injury and property damage.

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Source: ABC News, “Deaths Prompt Baby Monitor Recall”, 11 February 2011

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