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Welcome to Our Bergen County Personal Injury Law Blog

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2010 | Uncategorized

At the Bergen County law firm of Breslin & Breslin, P.A., we have been fighting for the rights of New Jersey people who are injured or killed through no fault of their own since 1936. We also represent businesses involved in related personal injury disputes or litigation. Typical personal injury cases we negotiate or litigate involve car accidents, wrongful deaths, premises liability accidents like slip-and-falls, products liability injuries, nursing home negligence and more.

Our firm hopes this blog will help the injured in Bergen County or Hackensack, New Jersey and beyond to understand their legal rights to compensation through the assistance of lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable in legal representation.

With more than 70 years in the legal field and as a firm that continues to withstand the test of time, the firm of Breslin & Breslin, P.A. has a solid background in taking personal injury cases to trial and in navigating the litigation process in general. This extensive experience is necessary for knowing what it takes to bring a successful personal injury case against a negligent party, whether a minor or major injury or wrongful death. In addition, we know how to deal with the insurance companies that are inevitably involved when accidents occur and what they do not tell you about your options for settlement.

We know that dealing with an injury to yourself or a family member is unfathomable enough, so finding high quality legal representation should be easy and should take the burden off of your shoulders. It is true that accidents happen, but holding people responsible for injuries and receiving the compensation you deserve is also a reality. It is also important that the injured know their rights and options and that the negligent defendants are held responsible for their actions.

Breslin & Breslin, P.A. is known not only for our successful results for injured victims, but also for our integrity in handling the personal injury legal process and channels. We hope that through posting quality information on our blog, more injured people understand how to receive the compensation they deserve and more negligent parties are brought to justice and held accountable for the pain and suffering their actions inflicted on others.

Please visit our blog regularly and if you find a post to be particularly interesting, we welcome your questions, comments or concerns. You can also visit our personal injury website or contact us online for more details about representation.

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