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Preventing slips, trips and falls: It’s in everybody’s interest

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Blog

Business owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises safe. This means that businesses, their managers and employees need to keep an eye out for slip-and-fall hazards at all times.

The moment a business owner or employee identifies a slipping or tripping risk, they must take care of the problem immediately. Alternatively, they must immediately place a hazard warning sign to alert property visitors to the danger so they can avoid it.

Here’s why slip-and-fall prevention is important for business

Slip-and-fall prevention is not just a legal obligation, it’s also in the best interests of a business, its employees and its visitors. Slip-and-fall accidents cause serious interruptions at workplaces. Whether it’s an employee or a customer who falls, everything needs to stop in order to attend to the situation.

Employees who saw the accident will likely suffer from negative psychological effects of witnessing the incident. They could be distracted and unproductive for days following the accident. Furthermore, if the slip-and-fall accident is mentioned in the news, customers may not want to visit a business out of fear that they will get hurt, too. In addition, if a customer files a slip-and-fall accident lawsuit against the business, it could increase the business’s insurance premiums.

Here’s how businesses can prevent slip-and-fall events:

Slip-and-fall prevention should cover the four primary causes of falling accidents:

Slippery floors: Businesses need to make sure that spills and wet areas caused by rain get taken care of immediately.

Lose surfaces, bumpy floors and lumpy carpets: Walking surfaces need to be flat and firm to prevent trips. An old wood floor, uneven concrete or a worn-out area of carpet are sure to result in slips, trips and falls.

Disorganized spaces: Clutter in walking areas, loose cords, stray cables and other types of disorganization are clear hazards that commonly result in slips, trips and falls.

Bad design: Business owners and architects need to build spaces that include good lighting, handrails and proper signage to prevent falls from happening.

Know your rights as a slip-and-fall accident victims

Slip-and-fall accident victims may have viable claims to pursue financial damages relating to the injuries they suffered. As such, New Jersey residents who fell and hurt themselves on someone else’s property may want to learn about how their potential cases would be viewed by a civil court judge if they wish to seek financial compensation in court.

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