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Dog bite treatment advice

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Blog

New Jersey parents have to be Jacks of all trades. In the evenings you become a math, English and science tutor. You’re also a cook, a chauffeur, a fashion coordinator, a makeup artist, a psychologist and a best friend. There are also times when you need to be a doctor, like in the case of an injury or accident.

Let’s take dog bites for instance. These injuries are rare, but when affected by a serious dog attack, you need to act fast to ensure your child is going to be okay.

What to do when your child suffers a dog bite injury

If your child gets attacked by a dog, you’ll want to take him or her to see a doctor as soon as possible. This is especially important if the dog that bit your child is unfamiliar, the wound is deep, the bleeding won’t stop or the injury swells, gets red, feels warm or has pus. If a dog bite gets infected, it will require antibiotic treatment, so don’t delay in visiting a doctor if signs of infection develop.

Here’s your post-dog bite action plan when caring for a minor injury at home:

  • Cover the injury with a clean towel to control the bleeding.
  • Elevating the injury will also help prevent swelling.
  • When bleeding has abated, wash the bite area with clean water and soap.
  • Cover the cleaned wound with a sterile bandage.
  • Put antibiotic cream on the wound every day and wash it every day.

Even with minor dog bites, you’ll want to see a doctor. However, before you visit your physician, you’ll want to be able to answer these questions:

  • Who owns the dog?
  • Does the dog have all of its vaccinations up to date, especially for rabies?
  • Did your child provide the dog, or did it attack unprovoked?
  • Does your child suffer from any health conditions, like liver disease, diabetes or immunological conditions? Is your child at risk of contracting a severe infection?

Personal injury lawyers will want to know similar information

If you visit a personal injury attorney for help seeking financial restitution for the dog bites, he or she will want similar information that you provided to your doctor. For example, a personal injury lawyer will want to know who the owner of the dog is, the circumstances surrounding the dog attack, the extent of injuries, the costs associated with medical care required to treat the injuries and other information for the purposes of evaluating the potential claim for damages.

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