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Toyota Recalls Nearly 300k Popular Trucks, SUVs

by | Feb 24, 2024 | (client-fulfilled) Personal Injury, (client-fulfilled) Product Liability

Toyota is recalling about 280,000 pickup trucks and SUVs in the U.S. to fix a transmission problem that can let the vehicles creep forward while in neutral.

The recall covers certain Toyota Tundra pickups and Lexus LX 600 SUVs from the 2022 and 2023 model years. Also included are 2023 and 2024 Toyota Sequoia SUVs.

Toyota said Wednesday that certain parts of the vehicles’ automatic transmissions may not immediately disengage when shifted into neutral. That can transfer some engine power to the wheels. The vehicles could creep forward at low speeds on flat surfaces if the brakes aren’t applied, increasing the risk of a crash.

The company wouldn’t say whether there have been any crashes or injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered losses due to operating one of the above mentioned vehicles, you may be entitled to compensation. To find out more, contact the trusted car accident attorneys at Breslin and Breslin today.

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