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Factors that can lead to a rollover accident

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

A rollover accident causes a vehicle to flip onto its side or roof. Although these incidents are rare, they can leave New Jersey victims severely injured or killed. These are factors that can cause them to occur.

Causes of rollover accidents

Speeding is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, including rollovers. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, it reduces their ability to safely control their steering. Braking while speeding can also cause a vehicle to tip over and land on its roof.

High winds or slippery weather conditions such as rain, snow or sleet can cause a vehicle to slide. Even if the driver travels slowly, they could have trouble correcting, leading to a rollover. This is even more likely to happen if the vehicle has defects or the road is in disrepair.

SUVs, pickup trucks and other larger vehicles with higher centers of gravity are more prone to rollovers. This is because their weight is unevenly distributed, compromising their stability. If a driver fails to take proper precautions, it could increase their risk.

Distracted driving can cause any type of accident, including a rollover. If a motorist isn’t paying attention, they can hit a curb or veer off the road, causing their vehicle to tip over. Road rage and other aggressive driving tactics can also increase the chances of a rollover accident.

Preventing rollovers

Allowing for sufficient space between your vehicle and the one ahead lowers the risk of an accident. Doing the same while passing can prevent a sideswipe that could lead to a rollover.

Not every rollover accident can be prevented, but remaining alert can reduce your risk. If you’re able to see and avoid road obstacles, you can stay safer. Maintain the speed limit and slow down in dense traffic and inclement weather conditions.

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