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New carriers and truck crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2023 | Truck Accident

Truck collisions might be the accidents many New Jersey commuters worry about the most. An oversized semi-truck’s weight could inflict significant damage when it hits a much smaller vehicle and smaller models, including durable pickup trucks and SUVs. A review of accident statistics shows that new carriers may contribute to increased crashes involving larger vehicles, an issue that does not come with simple solutions.

Data about new carriers

According to a report compiled by the government agency the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), carriers that entered the market in 2018 were involved in 1.3% of all crashes for the year. In 2020, these carriers accounted for 3.5% of crashes. These figures include collisions involving trucks and buses.

The arrival of more carriers in the market may play a role in the percentage increase. 2021 saw 17,000 new carriers register their companies, which doubles the figure from 2019. Still, whether a new carrier or an experienced company, drivers and managers must recognize safety rules.

Safety and trucking transport

Trucking companies cannot ignore or disregard safety rules. Drivers under a company’s employ must hold the appropriate commercial license for driving a semi-truck, and the driver must adhere to mandatory federal break requirements. Companies should keep accurate logs of breaks and not falsify anything. Otherwise, the employer could be liable for motor vehicle accidents that result from driver fatigue.

Truck and bus drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly by ignoring traffic laws or operating a vehicle under the influence might face a lawsuit if they cause an accident. Carriers who continue to employ dangerous drivers despite repeat infractions could also be liable for harm caused by an employee or contractor. Sometimes, a claim against the parties’ liability insurance policies might lead to a settlement.

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