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Tips to help teen drivers

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

One thing teenagers look for is when they reach the age where they can legally apply for a driver’s license. The freedom of the road a driver’s license provides also comes with responsibilities. Victims of road accidents in New Jersey may suffer serious injuries, and drivers responsible for the accident could face civil lawsuits. Inexperienced teenage drivers might benefit from tips intended to help them avoid trouble.

Teenage driver safety

Explaining to teenagers that it takes time to become familiar with driving and gradually building experience could make them more careful. Enrolling in a defensive driving course may benefit a teen’s skill development. Imposing restrictions on new drivers could help them become better drivers and reduce accident risks. For example, teens could be restricted to short trips and only daytime driving at first.

Teens should also understand the dangers of distracted driving. Driving with several friends in the vehicle could increase the chances of diverted attention. Teenagers appreciate technology but must understand the severe dangers of texting or focusing on an infotainment touchscreen while driving.

Reckless driving and negligence

Since teenagers are new drivers, they might not appreciate the dangers that come with violating traffic laws. Speeding is a very easy violation to commit, and impatience might lead to stepping down on the gas pedal. Reckless driving, such as swerving between lanes or merely pausing at stop signs, increases the risk of preventable motor vehicle accidents.

Not only could a teenager face a lawsuit after a negligent accident, but so might a young person’s parents or any other adult who allows them to drive their car. Therefore, parents and guardians must look after their own interests when a teenage driver lives in the home. An insurance settlement may be sufficient to cover losses, but a lawsuit could be unavoidable.

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