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Three mistakes you don’t want to make after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

According to recent statistics, over 10,000 car accidents happen each day in the United States. While these stressful events occur often in New Jersey, not everyone understands what to do after vehicle collisions happen. If they don’t, these individuals could make potentially costly post-accident mistakes.

Missing the statute of limitations

One of the biggest post-accident mistakes is not acting promptly. Understandably, most people have busy lives. But remember that New Jersey and other states have statutes of limitations. In this state, you have two years to file a post-accident lawsuit. Missing this crucial deadline means you can seek no compensation against the other party, regardless of their guilt.

Not seeking medical treatment

Depending on the severity of an accident, seeking medical attention might be an obvious move. It’s not uncommon for witnesses to contact emergency services after seeing an accident. However, the need for medical care isn’t as obvious after more minor motor vehicle accidents. Toughing out injuries can be a severe mistake after a car collision. For one, this can lead to seemingly non-serious injuries worsening. Also, you may not have sufficient evidence documenting your injuries when seeking damages.

Posting on social media

There’s nothing wrong with using social media. However, it’s best to leave out information about a recent accident on social media platforms. Sharing post-accident pictures, videos or other information may contradict the information in your legal claim. There’s also the risk of the other party’s legal or insurance team finding your posts and using them against you.

Recovering from automobile accidents is generally costly. Making mistakes after your accident could reduce or eliminate your chances of getting compensation for vehicle repairs, injuries and lost wages.

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