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The causes and immense danger of flying semi wheels and tires

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Personal Injury, Truck Accident

New Jersey offers a great blend of scenic views and busy highways. Whether you drive on I-95, Route 519 or this state’s other roads, you’ll likely find yourself near commercial vehicles. With semi-trucks carrying so much cargo, these vehicles need more than four wheels to reach their destinations. If these trucks lose a wheel, it can have potentially severe consequences for nearby road users.

What makes flying wheels and tires dangerous

The wheels and tires on semi trucks aren’t only bigger than those found on a car, but they are also heavier. When combined, steel wheels and rubber tires can weigh over 100 pounds. Because of the speeds semi trucks travel, any wheel or tire flying off will generate lots of speed.

The aftermath of flying commercial wheels

Sometimes, these flying wheels and tires crash into vehicles. Depending on where the wheel or tire hits could even lead to deaths. If this scary situation occurs in heavy traffic, it could lead to many potential motor vehicle accidents. These flying objects can also hit roadside workers, law enforcement officers and pedestrians on the side of New Jersey’s roads. A commercial vehicle’s location also affects whether flying wheels or tires crash into nearby homes or businesses.

Leading causes of flying wheels

While poor roads might cause flat tires, wheels rolling off of commercial vehicles typically happens for a few other reasons:

  • Significantly worn axles
  • Poor installation or maintenance work
  • Manufacturer-related defects

When commercial vehicles lose wheels or tires, investigations often ensue. Depending on this investigation’s results, a company can find itself facing lawsuits and paying significant damages.

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