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Is driving during the summertime more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Blog, Car Accidents

When summer arrives, millions of tourists descend upon New Jersey to visit the seashore and other popular destinations. Of course, Garden State residents also take to the highways for business and pleasure. Some concerns lurk alongside the leisurely nature of summer travel. The season brings some dangers to the roads because drivers could embrace bad habits that worsen near the end of summer.

The summer and dangerous driving

Summer break means more younger drivers on the road, and these drivers don’t always have the necessary experience to avoid collisions. That’s not to suggest only teen drivers create danger as adult tourists who are unfamiliar with New Jersey could become easily confused by their surroundings and act erratically. There are many ways that drivers become distracted in the summer, such as blasting the radio or engaging in conversations with their passengers.

Sometimes, the congestion caused by so many people on the highways increases the chances of fender benders. Slow traffic conditions might contribute to road rage, leading the unpredictable behavior.

The summer may see an increase in drunk driving incidents. Many bars promote summer specials and other festivities, which could have troubling consequences on highways. Anytime a drunk driver takes to the road, a fatal accident becomes possible.

Being more careful in the summer

Specific proactive steps may help reduce the potential for motor vehicle accidents. Taking advantage of a summer tune-up could reduce mechanical failure or other troubles. Keeping tabs on weather reports might assist with avoiding flooded areas or slippery roads. If the news reports a high number of accidents on a particular route, maybe that road is best avoided.

Accidents could lead to civil lawsuits, prompting some drivers to behave more carefully. Others won’t, and they may face a personal injury lawsuit after hurting someone.

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