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Accidents caused by mechanical failures

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Blog, Car Accidents

Some car accidents that occur in New Jersey are not the fault of the driver: Mechanical failures account for a small percentage of those accidents. These are the most common mechanical failures.

Brake failure

Brake failure is one of the most dangerous things that can happen when a person is driving. If their vehicle experiences this kind of mechanical failure, it means they cannot control and stop the vehicle on their own. If the brakes fail, the car can cause a serious accident such as a rear-end collision.

Tire failure

Another mechanical failure that can lead to a car accident involves the tires. If a tire is worn or there is a blowout, the vehicle may be difficult to control. The result can be an accident, or the car may not run at all.

Steering or suspension failure

Problems with a vehicle’s steering wheel are serious. If there’s a mechanical failure involving the steering, the driver won’t be able to control the vehicle, which can have deadly consequences. The vehicle could end up traveling any which way and hit another car, property or people. If a driver can’t maintain control over steering, fatalities could occur.

Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are important parts of a car that allow debris, water or snow to be pushed away so that the driver can see. If they fail in inclement weather, the driver will have trouble seeing, which significantly raises the risks of a crash occurring.


Drivers rely on their vehicle’s headlights in the dark and in poor weather conditions so that they can see and be visible to other drivers. If their lights malfunction, it can make for a deadly situation.

In some cases, mechanical failure might be the fault of the automaker. For example, if there is a known defect in a specific vehicle for any given year, the automaker is required to issue a warning and, potentially, a recall and fix. If they fail to do that, they could be liable for car accidents that occur involving those vehicles.

Mechanical failures can lead to serious car accidents. It’s important for all drivers to make sure their vehicles and components are in proper working order.

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