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Paterson Company’s Products Recalled After Listeria Outbreak

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Product Liability

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a multistate Listeria outbreak linked to cheese products made by El Abuelito Cheese, Inc., a Paterson company.

Cheese products from the company have been removed from shelves, and production has stopped, after laboratory findings confirmed the product as a source of an outbreak of listeria monocytogenes.

This comes after Connecticut health officials began an investigation into whether the hospitalization of a state resident was linked to food contamination, according to a recent Patch report.

Listeria cases have also been reported in Maryland, New York and Virginia, according to the FDA. Ten total illnesses have been recorded, as have nine hospitalizations linked to the outbreak.

El Abuelito is one of three companies which the FDA is connecting to the outbreak, the other two being Rio Grande and Rio Lindo brands.

On Feb. 19 El Abuelito officially recalled all products marked with a “sell by” date through March 28, 2021. The company will host an on-site FDA inspection of their facilities, the organization said.

The FDA is advising consumers, restaurants and retailers to avoid eating, serving or selling any El Abuelito brand cheeses. They are additionally recommending that those parties avoid Rio Grande and Rio Lindo queso fresco cheeses.

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