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100 deadliest days highlight need for safer driving among teens

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents

New Jersey residents may already be aware that teenagers do not make the safest drivers, but what they may not know is that there’s a particular period each year when teen driving crashes lead to more fatalities than at any other time. Called the “100 deadliest days,” it spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day and roughly coincides with summer vacation for teens.

During the 100 deadliest days that spanned from 2008 to 2018, there were over 8,300 fatalities caused by accidents with teen drivers. On average, then, more than seven people died during that 11-year period for every day of summer.

If a child has recently become a licensed driver, parents should prepare each year for the 100 deadliest days by giving talks about the dangers of negligent and reckless behavior like speeding, drowsy driving and distracted driving. They could set up family rules on safe driving and even provide in-vehicle coaching. Teens will be more open to parents’ advice, though, if parents also acted safe on the road.

In a Traffic Safety Culture Index, 72% of drivers aged 16 to 18 admitted that 30 days prior to the survey, they engaged in unsafe behavior. For example, 47% broke the speed limit in a residential area, 35% texted, 32% ran a red light and 25% drove drowsy.

Day after day, these and other types of negligence are to blame for many motor vehicle collisions nationwide. In New Jersey, most accident victims file with their own insurance company to be compensated for their losses. Only in cases of serious injuries or disabilities can victims pursue a third-party insurance claim. To see what their options are for moving forward, victims may want to talk to a lawyer. The lawyer may personally attend to the claims process, too.

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