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Nursing homes today have improved greatly from ones in the past

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Nursing Home Negligence

There are many things that people might mistakenly believe about nursing homes. One thing that everyone should know is that the skilled care facilities today have taken great strides from where they were a decade ago. There are some points that anyone who is going into one of these facilities should know. Being aware of these points could help the resident avoid becoming a victim of nursing home negligence.

Some individuals might have a concern about the quality of care they will receive. Because of the implementation of care plan meetings and other oversight, there is only a slight chance that the resident won’t receive quality care. One survey found that 88% of nursing home residents are satisfied with the care they receive at the facility they are living in.

For some people who remember nursing homes of days gone by, the presence of mechanical or physical restraints is a top concern. With very few exceptions, physical restraints aren’t used any longer. It is very uncommon to even find one in a nursing home now. The mechanical devices are sometimes used, but only if they are physician-ordered for a diagnosed medical condition.

Another common concern is medication administration. While some nursing homes might have used medication to manage residents in the past, this isn’t allowed now. All residents and their family members can have a say in what medications they take. The resident can refuse any medication they aren’t comfortable taking. A pharmacist must review all medications in order for the person to get the medications.

When there is an issue with negligence in a nursing facility, the resident can choose to take legal action. This enables them to try to shift the financial burden to the liable party instead of having to cover those expenses themselves.

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