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Businesses must keep entryways clear during winter

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Slip-and-Fall

The winter season is filled with snow and wintry precipitation in New Jersey. Businesses should be prepared for this ahead of time by having protocols in place for when entryways have snow and water tracked in. Without a plan in place, there is a chance that customers who come into the building might slip and fall, which can lead to serious injuries.

Keeping the entryways safe for customers starts with clearing the snow and ice from sidewalks and walkways outside. Even if they aren’t perfect, having them mostly clear can help reduce the amount of snow and ice that clings to a customers’ shoes when they come in.

Within the entryway, there should be mats that can help to absorb the moisture from the shoes. Placing “Wet Floor” signs in the area can also warn people of the hazard. Some businesses use large fans to dry their floors. Together, all of these might reduce the likelihood of people slipping inside the business.

There should also be predetermined procedures to follow when a person slips and falls in the business. If you are a customer who falls, alert the manager or store owner to the incident. You will probably need to fill out an incident report. Remember to be truthful about what happened, but don’t say anything that someone might assume is shifting the liability for the accident to you.

Slip-and-fall accidents are serious matters that might require medical care. You also have the right to seek compensation for the damages from the incident, so be sure to explore this option quickly since there are time limits that apply.

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