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Dead mouse discovered in Dole salad mix

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2011 | Product Liability

When a man alerted local newspapers that he discovered a dead mouse inside a bag of Dole salad mix, he said that his motivation in doing so not to gain money or notoriety, but to warn the public and spur an investigation by state and federal officials. Although the man will likely not file a products liability lawsuit against Dole, he is reportedly working with the company in hopes that it will examine its practices to ensure that such an incident does not take place again.

According to the man, he discovered the dead and partially disemboweled mouse in a bag of Dole’s “tender garden” salad mix while eating dinner with his girlfriend and her son. His primary concern was for the health and safety of all three. So far, none have reported any negative health effects related to the potential food contamination.

After the man reported the dead mouse, the state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development investigated the product and the grocery store at which it was sold. Agency officials concluded that the store was not at fault for the contaminated salad, and that there was no reason to remove similar bags of salad from supermarket shelves. The agency then sent the results of its investigation to the federal Food and Drug Administration, which will reportedly conduct an independent review of the incident.

The man attempted to contact Dole representatives multiple times, but stated that his calls were not returned. Finally, he made contact with Dole, who asked if he would release the mouse to the company for an internal investigation. He agreed, hoping that it would result in positive changes within the company.

Source: The Saginaw News, “Saginaw man claims dead mouse discovered in salad: ‘We’re not in this for the money,’ he says,” Gus Burns, 29 June 2011

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