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Multiple tractor-trailer crash slows New Jersey Turnpike traffic

On Behalf of | May 12, 2011 | Car Accidents

Earlier this week, a chain-reaction accident involving one car and seven tractor-trailers plugged up the New Jersey Turnpike in both directions for several hours. The massive truck accident began when a lone tractor-trailer broke down and stopped in the southbound center lane near the Hightstown exit.

According to the New Jersey State Police, one truck after another tried unsuccessfully to slow down in time to avoid the stalled rig in the middle of the road. Instead, the tractor-trailers began to swerve, ultimately slamming into the rear of growing pile of trucks in front of them. When all was said and done, seven trucks and one car were damaged in the Turnpike pileup.

The long, road-jamming crash resulted in only two minor injuries. Police say one victim complained of pain, and another had a cut on the head. Both were taken to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center for treatment.

The sprawl of the tractor-trailer wreckage took over the entire southbound side of the Turnpike, shutting down traffic just south of Exit 7 at the Hightstown interchange. Although no northbound lanes were blocked, traffic crawled in that direction as well as drivers slowed to gawk at the line of crashed rigs. At one time during accident clean-up, officials estimate that traffic was backed up in both directions for up to nine miles.

The accident occurred at 2 p.m. and police say that all southbound lanes were reopened by 4 p.m., although many of the damaged tractor-trailers were still disabled and sitting alongside the road.

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